trainSaturn"Arrival" Horoscope 2018 

Hello! It is the second part of the horoscope for 2018. The first one "New Orleans" horoscope (for all zodiac signs) you can find here, the third you can read in Jan 2018:


Do you think that it is a Christmas Express and “arrival” of happy holidays? But where is a car with coca-cola, lights and a funny song? No, it’s not a Christmas train… But I assure you this week (in astrological meaning) is much more significant for all of us than even a Christmas week! The new moon connects with a major astrological event, which occurs just once in about 30 years. Saturn enters (symbolically) his house - Capricorn (Dec. 20, 7:47 Moscow time). It arrives confidently and decisively, without any manipulative transitions back into the retro phase. If Saturn in Sagittarius somehow allowed us to lead a non-serious activity and treat us with more understanding, this time is gone!

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2017 - 2018 for all zodiac signs

Jupiter in Scorpio period

Are you ready to plunge into depths of own subconsciousness, to interact with fears, dark part of you, and hidden sexual desires? And it is only the first conditions, which Jupiter in Scorpio causes in you since October 10, 2017. The further it moves over the sign the stronger and deeper we will feel occult correlation with each other. It will be difficult for us to think and explain logically our own behavior and motives. We will begin to get acquainted with an essence of another person through mutual touch of each other’s attention. "I have recognized him/her" we will be saying to ourselves and understanding that we don’t know the person.


There is a high probability that we will be controlled by passion, addictions and will be attracted to everything, what is marked with label "secret" or "hint". We will not be listening to words, but more to what their provoke in us, to what is hidden.

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